Usability Lab
To optimize your website, mobile or tablet research; Focus Suites Usability Labs provide a full perspective during your testing. Split-image monitors simultaneously display the respondent's reactions and the content he or she is reviewing.

Usability Labs feature:
  • Side-by-side display of Web page and respondent on closed-circuit monitors with real time video marking
  • Video-taping of the split screen monitor (with picture-in-picture) for later review and reporting
  • Technician onsite to facilitate and monitor recordings
  • Eye Tracking and ability to generate heat maps, gaze plots and areas of interest is available

Video Streaming Services- Member of the Focus Vision Network
Video streaming is a cost-efficient and time saving alternative to in-person participation at focus groups, in-depth interviews and business meetings. Video streaming services allow you to observe a research project being conducted in cities around the world, or sessions being conducted at Focus Suites from any remote location that has an internet connection.

Dial Testing
Measure real time reactions to key messages, potential concerns, methods of communication and concepts. This response tool generates sincere and unbiased feedback instantaneously, providing data and reporting from media, stimuli, open and closed ended questions. The latest in dial technology as well as a knowledgeable technician are provided to program questions, operate equipment and deliver results.

Digital Video and Audio Recording
Our recently upgraded, state of the art facilities provide superior technological solutions including digital audio and video recordings. Download your video or audio recordings from a secure ftp site, have them emailed or uploaded to a place of your choosing or walk away with flash a disk.

Simultaneous Translation
Simultaneous translation equipment allows everyone to hear the same message, no matter what language. Focus Suites arranges for superior translators to interpret the comments of the participants and provides digital and video outputs in both languages.

Cost effective, professional transcripts delivered straight to your inbox. Our quick turnaround, combined with our exceeding commitment to quality and accuracy assures unprecedented customer satisfaction. Expedited service, multi-language, speaker ID and timestamps are available at straightforward rates.

Need notes available at the conclusion of your interview? Note taking is available to provide a real-time, non-verbatim account of your research. Ask us about note-taking in different languages.

Screener Development, Moderation and Report Writing
From screener development, discussion guide creation, moderating niche industries, and ultimately receiving a report on the research; Focus Suites has you covered. We provide reliable and experienced moderators for local or nationwide projects. Moderators are available for consultation from commencement to conclusion of each project to meet your unique research needs.