The Right People. The Right Place.

Focus Suites of New York allows you to take advantage of the diverse cultures that make up New York City by offering unparalleled recruiting and resources. We take pride in offering you world-class services and amenities and are always striving to serve you better.
  • We can accommodate research projects that involve a large number of respondents such as: radio, television, entertainment or any other study that requires up to 60 respondents in a single session. Click to see how quickly we can adjust to meet your needs.
  • Each of our suites includes a viewing room that seats up to 15 and an adjoining client lounge with closed circuit TV.
  • Our suites are laid out side-by-side for ease in moving from one room to the next.
  • High speed T-1 lines and wireless connectivity are present throughout our facility to ensure all your technical requirements are met.
  • Need a timesaving alternative to in-person participation? Video streaming services allow you to observe a research project being conducted in cities around the world or to view research being conducted at Focus Suites from any remote location.
We offer you the right price for premier service. Whether you are conducting focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographies or any other qualitative research; one stop at Focus Suites will leave you never wanting to use an ordinary facility again.

Nation-wide recruitment capabilities * Multi-city project management and discounts available.