Finally, A Room Large Enough for Mock Juries

First-rate accommodations and services make clients and participants comfortable in a stress-free atmosphere for jury research.

Feeling comfortable in your working environment is very important. We specifically designed Focus Suites to give our clients an intimate, yet spacious place to conduct their business. At our Philadelphia location our conference room can comfortably accommodate 50 people. Our new conference room in New York City was designed primarily for Mock Jury research, and seats up to 60 people comfortably. Click to see how quickly we can adjust to meet your needs.

We provide a wide selection of meeting and media equipment, including podiums, wireless microphones, 52" wall-mounted televisions, ELMO, multimedia projection systems, digital audio and video recording and video streaming.

In addition, Focus Suites offers five other suites, each with a large conference room that seats 30 participants, a viewing room that seats up to 15 and an adjoining client lounge with closed circuit TV. To be more efficient, we designed our suites to be laid out side-by-side for ease in moving from one room to the next.

Special Needs:
  • 7 a.m. start time if necessary
  • Open 7 days a week for juries or interviews
  • Food service (able to cater to special dietary needs)
  • Notetaker (electronic and manual)
  • Interpreters / Translators
  • Transcription services
  • Separate thermostat controls for air conditioning
  • Nearby parking