Focus Suites has been an unprecedented leader in qualitative research for over 30 years. Our luxurious state-of-the-art facility is supported by knowledgeable, experienced staff in tune with your project and business needs. Focus Suites versatility and flexibility allows us to efficiently serve client needs while providing unparalleled customer service.

Focus Suites has been voted one of the top rated focus group facility in the world by the Impulse Survey, making more than a decade of consecutive top ratings for our company.

At Focus Suites we pride ourselves in offering world-class services and amenities from our experienced and professional staff, to our spacious client workspaces, to the latest in technology services.

The Right People
We know that the secret of successful qualitative research is not just asking the right questions, but asking the right people. At Focus Suites we excel in finding you the right respondent for discovering exactly what you want to know - down to the lowest incidence recruits.
  • Superior recruitment
    • Our database is continually updated to ensure an abundance of qualified candidates
    • Respondents are thoroughly screened when they sign up for our database including pre-screening for articulation, creativity and the prevention of "professional respondents."
    • Participants are re-screened by a recruiting manager during confirmation calls and again at the facility to eliminate unqualified respondents.
  • Personal service
    • One point of contact for all projects, including multi-city bids and project management.
    • Personal client assistants tend exclusively to your unique project needs.
The Right Place
Making your working environment comfortable is among our top priorities. Focus Suites gives our clients an intimate, yet spacious place in which to conduct their business. Our expanded facility, on-site services and convenient location are ideally suited for conducting successful research.
  • Our New York Facility is located in the heart of historic Midtown Manhattan, just blocks from Grand Central Station, Times Square, The Chrysler Building, The Empire State Building and the iconic 42nd St. corridor; all easily accessed by rail or road from all targeted counties.
  • National and International Partners: Our intimate relationships with premier facilities across the US, and Internationally, allows Focus Suites to offer multi-market management at great prices.